Services / Private Capital Advisory

We are well-positioned to successfully execute capital placement and

strategic transactions throughout the operator/sponsor lifecycle

Deal-by-Deal JV Capital

One-off JVs

Institutional capital entry point

Commingled Fund

Blind-pool capital in fund format

Full GP discretion w/ fund economics

Strategic Investment

Platform / GP staking

M&A, entity-level OpCo transactions

Working capital to facilitate growth

Programmatic JV Capital

Earmarked capital in a JV structure


Scale Capital

SMAs / cornerstone investments

Co-investment sidecars

Liquidity Solutions

GP-led secondary fund interest sales

Fund-life extensions

Asset /portfolio-level recap

Permanent Capital Vehicles

Evergreen funds

Open-end funds, non-traded REITS

Not all services are available in every location or from every BFIN entity. Service descriptions are summary in nature; all engagements are subject to
definitive agreements. Engagement shown are for illustration purposes only and are not exhaustive.